Accessible Information Technology

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Use of the web as a source for information is exponentially growing. It is so prevalent that having access to it is essential. ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Tech Project, and OK-AHEAD share the goal of providing a resource to make web-based material accessible, and assume responsbility in the task of disseminating this information. It is a ubiquitous issue, but especially key for postsecondary institutions. Application for admission; filing a Financial Aid form; enrolling in classes; distance education; department/course web pages; library access; e-mail. All of these areas require computer access. The purpose of the information presented is to provide (1) guidelines regarding accessibility, (2) tips on "how to", (3) tools to implement, and (4) legal and technical references/resources.

It is important to be aware of these issues, and to address them, whether through making individual web pages accessible or creating an institutional policy that establishes a standard for all web-based material. In an environment where technology is the entrance to opportunities, many students with disabilities are left waiting outside the door. As educators, it is our obligation to ensure equal access for ALL students.


Web Accessibility Resources

Below are essential on-line resources regarding web accessibility. As standards and policies change, this page will be updated with the latest information.