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Transition Handbook


Table of Contents

Major Differences:
Differences between high school and postsecondary.
IDEA, 504, & ADA:
Notes the differences between the various laws pertaining to disability services.
Section 504, in depth:
Notes the differences between Sections 504, Subpart D, 104.3 (K-12) and Subpart E, 104.4 (Postsecondary).
K-12 versus Postsecondary:
Differences between high school and postsecondary academic expectations of students with disabilities.
Documentation Policy:
Procedures regarding accepting verifying documentation.
Otherwise Qualified:
Explanation of "Otherwise Qualified".
Reasonable accommodations for students who are otherwise qualified.
Program Access:
Students' rights regarding access to programs and services.
Office Location:
Office location information and procedures for requesting accommodations.
Students' right to privacy and confidentiality.
Student Responsibility:
Students' responsibilities in the postsecondary environment.
Teaching Methods:
Concepts of universal teaching design.
Myths and misconceptions about disability services in the postsecondary environment.
Frequently Asked Questions from students and parents.
List of online resources for students with disabilities.