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Transition Handbook


There are a variety of issues to consider in the transition from high school. Recognizing what they are, knowing what resources to contact/utilize, and making certain they are thoroughly addressed will serve a dual purpose:

  1. Provide information and tools to maximize a smooth transition;
  2. Take care of the whole person, the bigger picture.
HEATH Resource Center
national clearinghouse on post-HS education for people w/ disabilities; one FREE copy publications
George Washington University
2121 K Street, NW #220, Washington, DC 20037
800-544-3284 v/t; 202-937-0904 V/TTY; 202-973-0908 fax

OK Dept of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)
(web site lists all DRS state offices, click on "Contact Us")
also known as "Voc Rehab" (VR), "Rehab Services"; provides assistance/services to people with disabilities toward the goal of employment; services may include tuition assistance, purchase of equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, computer, medications), tutors, job search and placement, an others.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) -State office
3535 NW 58TH Suite 500,
OKC OK 73112-3500
405-951-3400, 800-845-8476 Dir, Linda Parker
Services for the Blind
P.O. Box 1053,
217 West 5th, Suite 1,
Stillwater, OK 74076
405-372-2017 Regina Mann, counselor
405-522-0505 Christy Baldwin, O & M Training
405-522-0505 Rose Greene, Teacher f/t blind, O & M, Counselor
Deaf/HH Services
P.O. Box 25352,
OKC, OK 73125
405-424-2794 TTY, 405-917-7700 v Judy Fox-Goodrich
Shepherd Mall
2401 NW 23rd Street, Suite 51
Oklahoma City, OK 73107-2407
405-917-7700 V/TTY out of OKC area
1-800-8338973 V/TTY Susan A. Nelson, M.Ed.
Specialist on Deafness/QAST Co-Administrator/Services to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
Client Assistance Program
800-522-8224 James Sirmans (director) 405-424-2794 Helen Kutz

Social Security (SSI, SSDI)
SSI/SSDI Disability Determination (through Voc Rehab)
P.O. Box 24400
Oklahoma City 73124
(through Social Security Administration)
ADDRESS: identify local/regional office
800-772-1213, 800-325-0778 TTY Monday-Friday,7 a.m.-7 p.m. (EST).

Federal Financial Aid
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
OR contact the specific college's Financial Aid Office
software disks and User Guide re: educational opportunities and financial aid
Dept of Education
Applicant Systems Divisions
400 Maryland Ave, SW, Room 4651, ROB-3
Washington, DC 20202
HEATH Resource Center
"Financial Aid" publication
investigate institutional scholarships/financial aid, private scholarships, other resources

AT Projects
information re: assistive technology (low-tech to high-tech)-resources to purchase, equip loan program, low-interest loans, hands-on experience to try equipment
(list of each state's AT Project)
    ABLE Tech
    Oklahoma State University Wellness Ctr
    1514 W. Hall of Fame Rd
    Stillwater, OK 74078-2026;
    Proj Dir: Linda Jaco, 405-744-9864, 405-744-9748, 800-257-1705 v/t, 405-744-2487 fax;
    Assistive Tech for Kansans Project
    2601 Gabriel, P.O. Box 738
    Parson, KS 67357;
    Proj Dir: Chuck Spellman, 316-421-6550 x1890, 800-KAN DO IT, 316 421-0954 fax/tty;
    Missouri Assistive Tech Project
    4731 South Cochise, Ste 114
    Independence, MO 64055-6975;
    Proj Dir: Diane Golden, 300-647-8557, 660-373-5193, 660-373-9315 tty, 660-373-9314 fax;
    Texas Assistive Tech Partnership
    Texas UAP SZB252-D5100
    Austin, TX 78712-1290;
    I & R: John Moore, 800-828-7829; Proj Dir: Susanne Elrod, 512-471-7621, 512-471-1844 tty, 512-471-7549 fax;

Oklahoma Library f/t Blind & Physically Handicapped (OLB)
provides books-on-tape, 4-track tape players, alternate text format
300 N.E. 18th
Oklahoma City 73105
405 521-3514

Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)
non-profit national organization serving ANYONE w/ a print disability (LD, ADD, VI); provides books-on-tape, e-texts, digital texts
20 Roszel Rd
Princeton, NJ 08540
609-452-0606; 800-221-4792 (book orders)
Bookshare, Resource for e-texts.
Free to students with disabilities. Apply online.

American Printing House f/t Blind (APH)
Prints Braille and large print textbooks; supplies teaching aids; products (equip info and sale); Blind/VI resources; listing of accessible books available (Louis Database); braille computer program
1839 Frankfort Ave.
P.O Box 6085
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
800-223-1839; 502-895-2405.

ADA Home Page
information re: laws, regulations, accessibility guidelines (ADAAG)
800-514-0301, 800-514-0383 TTY

Students With Disabilities web page/listserv
  • National Disabled Students Union (NDSU) - for student's with disabilities of all ages throughout the U.S. To subscribe to the NDSU List address email to: In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE NDSU Jane Doe (except use your first name and last name)
  • College Students with Disabilities listserv under

Learning Disabilities Association of Oklahoma (LDAO)
resource for students and parents re: LD contact: Linda Modenbach, President
918-299-4415 x2437 (Jenks High School)

Office of Disability Concerns
information and referral; technical assistance re: laws/etc; advocacy; disability concerns
2712 Villa Prom
OKC, OK 73107-2423